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Advent / Christmas worship planning webinar set for Oct. 9

If you had great intentions to work on Advent/Christmas sermons and worship early this year but:

  • Funerals and emergencies went to top of the "to do" list.
  • This week's sermon kept getting in the way.
  • There just seemed to be too many meetings that swallowed up your time.
  • You and the family needed vacation time.
  • Or maybe tomorrow still hasn't arrived yet.

The Advent / Christmas Worship Planning Webinar can help!  

Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 6:30 pm the Lay Academy for Rural Church Ministries will present tools which will help you and your church plan worship services that will inspire and help your congregation grow through the season of Advent and Christmas.

During the webinar we will begin with an overview of the 2016 Revised Common Lectionary for Advent and Christmas.  Then there will be four presentations which will provide you and your congregation with tools to develop meaningful Advent/Christmas worship services.

The presentations will be:

  1. Decorating for Advent & Christmas: the power of color
  2. Liturgy and Advent Candles: the power of words
  3. Hymns and Christmas Carols: the power of singing
  4. Hanging of the Greens: the power of the Hanging of the Greens Service

Who is invited to join?

Pastors, musicians, worship leaders, worship committee, and members of your congregation interested in learning more about and planning Advent and Christmas worship.

Why a webinar & how will it work?

The webinar format cuts cost and time of travel. We feel it is important for your worship team to take more time planning than driving. The webinar is the beginning of your church's planning worship for Advent & Christmas and a help to your sermon preparation.

To join the webinar you will need a computer, web access, webcam, and phone (preferably a speaker phone if you have a group). The presentations are interactive. There will be time for questions and answers.

Information on how to access the webinar will be sent after you register for the webinar.

How to register:

Contact us.

Hope you will join us!


Rev. Dr. Carl K. Ellis
Lay Academy for Rural Church Ministries